Swallow’s Nest Business, Promising and Generating Multiple Profits

For swallow’s nest cultivation, the main withering is to find a strategic place where the birds roam. With other individualized organizations, discover the natural surroundings of the swallow itself. After that, you have to build an empty building as a stopover for the swallow. You need to know, because swallows have short legs, they cannot land on the ground, but can stick to walls. This type of bird quip likes the location of the room like a cave that is quite wide.

So, if you want to do swallow’s nest business and swallow’s nest want to cultivate it, you need to prepare a building large enough and tall with open holes so the swallow can make a nest in inside of it. Unfortunately, it took a large modular to hundreds of millions of rupiah to build the building. So the swallow’s nest business is not a small modular business. But the money that must be spent on swallow’s nest cultivation will be commensurate with the results. Because the swallow’s nest harvest doesn’t take long. Fast withering one month, and three months withering long. Every time the harvest is abundant, around 10-30 kg. Supported by high demand, the price of swallow’s nests can go up high. If you have just learned about cultivation, and only get one to two kg of swallow’s nests once harvest, that’s not bad. Bagged turnover can reach tens of millions of sarang burung walet rupiah. With the right business development projection, consistently run it, the swallow’s nest business will bring many times profit. The demand for swallow’s nests in and out of the country is quite a lot. But it is not worth the production or supply. Hence, the price of a swallow’s nest is never cheap. Understandably, crop yields are not too large considering the cost of production and maintenance, so that the hoist swift price, both raw and processed food. This price is also determined by its quality. In addition to its shape there are two types, the color of swallow’s nest play on words are not all the same. The whiter the color of the bird’s nest, the higher the sale value to the market. Convince Yourself and Start Moving After knowing the business prospects of the swallow’s nest, it is up to you to determine. Do you want to start the business or choose another according to your ability, expertise, and budget. You don’t need to worry anymore about the difficulties of modular business, because now there are many financial service institutions and fintech that provide Loans without Collateral (KTA) or Multipurpose Loans (KMG). The important thing before starting any business is to consider carefully and convince yourself. Do not regret in future.

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